What Is Heaven?

Digital “painting” created with an image taken by the poet, 28 October 2017, using E-600 Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 14–42mm F3.5–5.6, ISO 200, 14mm, ƒ10, 1/500s. https://soundcloud.com/momzillanc/what-is-heaven?si=63ad6a272182427cbd0a54ff829dc795&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing What Is Heaven? Everyone is on their way somewhereOn the road of an orchestrated lifeWe all know Death is inevitableBut Death is not our destinyOur destiny is to be … Continue reading What Is Heaven?


A poem about the seconds and heartbeats of Death, Life, and Love. Tic-tic, tic-tic, tic-tic Tic-tic goes the clockrunning down the daysdraining away in hourslives winding downto ends of reckoning Tic-tic, tic-tic, tic-tic Tic-tic goes the clocktroubles in our waysrelieved by dancing hoursLife’s clock unwoundDeath’s embrace beckoning Tic-tic, tic-tic, tic-tic Tic-tic goes the clockwith the … Continue reading Seconds

Seventy-Seven Minutes

Uvalde The Children of Uvalde While Arrendondo fiddled… Arrendondo fiddled with keys Seventy-seven minutes…Parents threatenedthreatened with arrestthreatened with tasingover the sound of screamschildren’s screamsand the man-child’s gunshotsParents forced to bearforced to hear, to listenforced for seventy-seven minutesforced to listen to the screamsthe screams… the screams… the silenceof their slaughtered children While Arrendondo fiddled…Arrendondo fiddled with keys … Continue reading Seventy-Seven Minutes

Books… Books… Oh! More Books!

Photo by Laura Kapfer on Unsplash Oh… give me a real bookAh… the creaking of the bindingthe cover becoming a walla barrier from humdrum nowLet me feel its weight in my handsI want to sink into its pages reveling in the smell of ithear the crinkling of its pagesas I lovingly turn each oneevery page a bright doora door … Continue reading Books… Books… Oh! More Books!