Winter Bleak September rain washes away the end of Summer…Damp, Barber winds bluster and carry away warm Summer breezes…The hastening dance of days runs ever shorter in fall of Autumn color…Brittle, dry, crackling leaves fly, dance, shutter, and fall…Fragile, crumbling refuse of warmer, brighter days. Cold winds blow, snaking round every corner…Swirling, seeping, sneaking into … Continue reading Winter

Soul to Soul

The true love story of my husband and myself. We've been together since 1990. Original digital artwork by D. Denise Dianaty Soul and soul alone, divided by ocean’s brine…Looked up and wondered on one shining star…A wish, a hope made for love to find…Two faces do lonely sadness mar. Years wend on, without love’s rhyme…Heart … Continue reading Soul to Soul

My Forever Valentine

An acrostic poem for Valentine's Day My Forever Valentine My forever ValentineYou will always be in my heart Fidelity and loyalty are my pledgeOne heart of love laid bare for youReverently made an altar to LoveEndowed with sanctity by your devotionVeracity writ in your every glanceEnduring loyalty and sustaining loveReverently offered in your gentle touch … Continue reading My Forever Valentine

Won’t You Be My POTUS?

A Trump staffer said watching Biden is like watching “an episode of Mister Rodgers [sic]” — To which I must agree. Watching Biden’s town hall was calming and I came away from watching it feeling better about my country, about my world… much like watching Mister Rogers used to make me feel as a child. Most importantly, I felt better about my fellow countrymen than I have in the past four years — I came away from it daring to hope we can become a UNITED States of America again.