Won’t You Be My POTUS?

A Trump staffer said watching Biden is like watching “an episode of Mister Rodgers [sic]” — To which I must agree. Watching Biden’s town hall was calming and I came away from watching it feeling better about my country, about my world… much like watching Mister Rogers used to make me feel as a child. Most importantly, I felt better about my fellow countrymen than I have in the past four years — I came away from it daring to hope we can become a UNITED States of America again.

How Democracy Dies

The Bible is made a cheap propand mendacity cheapens our soulFact is made meaningless by liesOur Constitution papers the outhouseLoyalty is brought low by betrayalThe king revels in his Oval throne roomAnd the “Stars and Stripes” is soiledThe sick and dead fall all around usBut the king commands our childrenback into the breach you babesBack … Continue reading How Democracy Dies

Horseman POTUS

“If we have between…one hundred thousand……and two hundred thousandWe’ve altogether…done a very good job” So says our raving russet-tinged Boneman…the pitiless tawny tutelar* horseman……our POTUS become PestilencePresiding, gloating, as we pass 175K…expecting maybe 300 for Christmas One hundred and seventy-five thousand…dead we can scarcely conceive……and still the tutelar Boneman extolsThe virus will just magically disappear…and … Continue reading Horseman POTUS