Seventy-Seven Minutes

Uvalde The Children of Uvalde While Arrendondo fiddled… Arrendondo fiddled with keys Seventy-seven minutes…Parents threatenedthreatened with arrestthreatened with tasingover the sound of screamschildren’s screamsand the man-child’s gunshotsParents forced to bearforced to hear, to listenforced for seventy-seven minutesforced to listen to the screamsthe screams… the screams… the silenceof their slaughtered children While Arrendondo fiddled…Arrendondo fiddled with keys … Continue reading Seventy-Seven Minutes

Books… Books… Oh! More Books!

Photo by Laura Kapfer on Unsplash Oh… give me a real bookAh… the creaking of the bindingthe cover becoming a walla barrier from humdrum nowLet me feel its weight in my handsI want to sink into its pages reveling in the smell of ithear the crinkling of its pagesas I lovingly turn each oneevery page a bright doora door … Continue reading Books… Books… Oh! More Books!