– A Persian Children’s Folk Tale

This is a favorite story from my husband’s childhood, often told to him by his mother and grandmother in his native language of Farsi, the native Persian language of Iran. He translated it from his childhood memories, and I served as typist and English-language editor, as well as illustrator for him.

LittleEbony Cover

LittleEbony Page1

LittleEbony Page2

LittleEbony Page3

LittleEbony Page4

LittleEbony Page5

LittleEbony Page6

LittleEbony Page7

LittleEbony Page8

c. 1992 – Translated from Farsi, by memory by Hamid Dianaty. English-language editor, D. Denise Dianaty. Illustrated by D. Denise Dianaty. Illustrations in ink and colored pencil. Scans from laminated originals.


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