The Starman has taken flight, 
Broken the bonds of earth
Set sail toward Heaven’s height
And the stars look very different today1
Our imagination’s a bit lonelier
Now our shining Starman has gone away
There’s a Starman waiting in the sky2
Each psychedelic tear’s a rainbow
Falling now from our lonely mind’s eye 
Tell my *world I love her very much **earth knows1
The Starman painted with his inspiration
Ever ‘pon us his kaleidoscopic vision bestows
Dancing dreams of what more may be
The stars are never far away3
And the Starman will always fly free
Through the kingdom of the ghost4
Leaving words with something to say
Starman’s shredding with a ghostly host
We’re not ready to let go, we say
Let him sail back *to-us tonight4
But, Major Tom led him home today
1 Space Oddity 1969
2 Starman 1972
          *original: “wife”
        **orginal: “she”
3 Stars (are out tonight) 2013
Dancing Out In Space 2013
          *original: “home”
© 11 January 2016, by D. Denise Dianaty 

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