Olan Mills Portrait Photo
A poem in memoriam for Jack Averitt, passed 05 September 2008, and for Dorothy Averitt, passed 01 May 2009 – and for the love they shared. A tribute to my grandparents and their enduring love…                   
Walking the mall hand in hand
A pause to share a light, chaste kiss
                                      Move on, move on…
Smiles from strangers who pass
To see these two elders still so in love
                                        Move on, move on…
So long together they’ve always been
Still holding hands, gazing ‘pon t’other with love
                                        Move on, move on…
Now clinging to life, so hard to let go
Not for himself but still for her
                                        Move on, move on…
He hangs by a prayer and a hope
A hope to lift a hand to her brow once more
                                      Move on, move on…
So many years for her he worked
For only her comfort, her joy
                                      Move on, move on…
At peace now, for he knows
I promise she’ll not be forgotten
                                        Move on, move on…
Ahead now he flies on to Heaven
There to await, again to take her hand

                                        Move on, move on…

Lain for so long in the home of the forgotten
She always remembers her lover

                                        Move on, move on…

The once lively eyes unfocused
Seeing who knows not what or where

                                        Move on, move on…
So soon once he’d gone now it seems
She’s hurrying along for to follow

                                        Move on, move on…

Not yet a year had gone past
Before she lay, herself to life tightly clinging

                                        Move on, move on…

Told now it’s alright, go head, now move on
He’s gone ahead, is waiting Above for you

                                        Move on, move on…

Passed on now to Heaven, to her lover
Hand in hand for all Eternity they walk

                                        Move on, move on…
© 04 September 2014, by D. Denise Dianaty

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