Bleak September rain
washes away the end of Summer…
Damp, Barber winds bluster and
carry away warm Summer breezes…
The hastening dance of days
runs ever shorter in fall of Autumn color…
Brittle, dry, crackling leaves
fly, dance, shutter, and fall…
Fragile, crumbling refuse
of warmer, brighter days.

Cold winds blow,
snaking round every corner…
Swirling, seeping, sneaking
into every chilly nook and bower…
Breathing frigid fractals
‘pon the frosted windowpane…
Slithering, plundering warmth
and weak, dreary daylight…
From hyper-boreal gelid,
merciless, snowbound nights.

Winds howl and souls cower
‘neath the crawling, creeping glacial rictus…
Buried in the bitter, icy grip
of desolate, frozen Winter

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