Raining Autumn Fall

An onomatopoeic poem – Onomatopoeia is the use or format of words whose sounds imitate their meanings Crunch, schlackle-khrackle, squish… Phschluppa-khrieck-schlewmp and snap… Through the late November wood… Splinter, crackle, scrunch and smatter…   Flurry scurry and fly about. Flutter and rustle, schlicha-klecha… By the wet North Wind blown, Bustling hither and thither and yon… … Continue reading Raining Autumn Fall


Too Cool for God

A poem musing on my path back to deep Faith… Shattered by my self-flagellation… Shuttered by self-inflicted penance… Lost, alone by self-design… And seeking self-redemption… I lost the thread of His great Mercy… Buried myself in sackcloth and ashes… Held my head up way too high… Smiled and pretended I didn’t care… Denied my lost … Continue reading Too Cool for God

The Dance

I created this illustration entirely in Photoshop, specifically to accompany my poem The Dance Birds in the trees flowers and honey bees Cloud painted skies feelin’ sun-dappled highs After sundown earth wears a moonlight gown Life takes a chance continuing the dance © 29 July 2018, by D. Denise Dianaty