Drumbeats of War

The orotund drumbeats of war pounding, pounding sonorously beating, beating, drumming drumming a stentorian drone drowning out our heartbeat Fools pound the drums calling our children to war while old men's tears fall begging warmongers to hear the gentle voice of peace Drumming, drumming, beating fools with puffed up self-import will send our children to … Continue reading Drumbeats of War

Raining Autumn Fall

An onomatopoeic poem – Onomatopoeia is the use or format of words whose sounds imitate their meanings Crunch, schlackle-khrackle, squish… Phschluppa-khrieck-schlewmp and snap… Through the late November wood… Splinter, crackle, scrunch and smatter…   Flurry scurry and fly about. Flutter and rustle, schlicha-klecha… By the wet North Wind blown, Bustling hither and thither and yon… … Continue reading Raining Autumn Fall

Too Cool for God

A poem musing on my path back to deep Faith… Shattered by my self-flagellation… Shuttered by self-inflicted penance… Lost, alone by self-design… And seeking self-redemption… I lost the thread of His great Mercy… Buried myself in sackcloth and ashes… Held my head up way too high… Smiled and pretended I didn’t care… Denied my lost … Continue reading Too Cool for God