“Do You Know the Muffin Man?” – A #TwistedNurseryRhyme

A silly little rhyming game or a dire warning?  “Do you know the Muffin Man? The Muffin Man, the Muffin Man Do you know the Muffin Man Who lives in Drury Lane?” Should I know the Muffin Man? Will you tell me? What is his tale? Do I want to know that man Behind his … Continue reading “Do You Know the Muffin Man?” – A #TwistedNurseryRhyme

Raining Autumn Fall

An onomatopoeic poem – Onomatopoeia is the use or format of words whose sounds imitate their meanings Crunch, schlackle-khrackle, squish… Phschluppa-khrieck-schlewmp and snap… Through the late November wood… Splinter, crackle, scrunch and smatter…   Flurry scurry and fly about. Flutter and rustle, schlicha-klecha… By the wet North Wind blown, Bustling hither and thither and yon… … Continue reading Raining Autumn Fall


“Ra'qedyet, or Râ-Kedet, was the original name of the city of Alexandria on the northern coast of Kemet, before it was renamed by Alexander the Great. Ra'qedyet is believed to have existed about 700 to 1000 years before Alexander even came to that site. The logic now is not that Alexander built his city on the same site as Ra'qedyet, but that he used an already flourishing city and simply expanded upon it!”

Too Cool for God

A poem musing on my path back to deep Faith… Shattered by my self-flagellation… Shuttered by self-inflicted penance… Lost, alone by self-design… And seeking self-redemption… I lost the thread of His great Mercy… Buried myself in sackcloth and ashes… Held my head up way too high… Smiled and pretended I didn’t care… Denied my lost … Continue reading Too Cool for God