Only Sorrow Remains

Broken dreams Before There Was Love – 1989           I dreamed a dream… A life where I was happy. I loved and was loved. A gentle lover held my hand And showed me the way to joy.           Our love gave us precious treasure,           The gift of sweet laughter,           The patter of tiny feet…           Myself, a mother … Continue reading Only Sorrow Remains

Poets’ Forum – Compilation Collaboration

The Plagiarist A collaborative poem on the poison of plagiarism by, MomzillaNC, Jordan, KLGoode, Ploughboy, Sindu, and Frieda P., from the forum for writing creatives. The soulless stealing another's gifts Gifts they lack because They've emptied their souls In pursuit of greed… -- from D. Denise Dianaty Insatiable beasts become them Black hole hearts … Continue reading Poets’ Forum – Compilation Collaboration

An Eagle Soars

A tribute to Glenn Frey… Everybody loves you Glenn. Feelin’ the cold blue silence of forever Another voice in the soundtrack of our lives Flyin’ with a billion stars all around1 An Eagle soars to join the Starman Our heart keeps sayin' it's just not fair2 Hearts are achin’, feelin’ like screamin’ The music’s fleein’ this … Continue reading An Eagle Soars


The Starman has taken flight,  Broken the bonds of earth Set sail toward Heaven’s height   And the stars look very different today1 Our imagination’s a bit lonelier Now our shining Starman has gone away   There’s a Starman waiting in the sky2 Each psychedelic tear’s a rainbow Falling now from our lonely mind’s eye  … Continue reading Starman

Drumbeats of War

The orotund drumbeats of war pounding, pounding sonorously beating, beating, drumming drumming a stentorian drone drowning out our heartbeat Fools pound the drums calling our children to war while old men's tears fall begging warmongers to hear the gentle voice of peace Drumming, drumming, beating fools with puffed up self-import will send our children to … Continue reading Drumbeats of War