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The defining topic of the year has been the #MeToo anti-sexism movement. Though women are overwhelmingly the repeated sufferers, I hope we all understand that sexism is not a gender issue. Statistics from RAINN indicate that as many as half of all men have been or will be abused, usually before adulthood. Those same statistics show that men in power are overwhelmingly the abusers.

I composed my own experiences and witness, published on Medium. Writing it all out was wrenching, and sickening all over again. I knew it was something that had always been a background of my life, but I’d never envisioned it all in total. Frankly, I was astonished at the sheer volume when I finally slogged through it all. What I compiled was a catalogue of perfidy… of oppression. My personal draft included names of all those I could recall, names I’d always held so closely secret I couldn’t even begin to reconcile their abuse and their close ties throughout my life. However, when I’d finished my personal draft, I realized that I am still not ready to name those names to the world, and edited the names from my final draft. Still, setting it all down in writing was deeply cathartic and I felt the lifting of a burden by which I wasn’t even aware I’d been weighted. Publishing that final draft gave me a feeling of escape. Since then, I have felt lighter and more free than I can ever recall. My essay may be found at this link:

This TALK SHOP is forum to compile a collaborative set of essays on the issue. The collaboration will be published on my and WordPress accounts and promoted across my social media and on WE PAW Bloggers. Please, share your experiences and what you’ve witnessed as you are able and willing. I especially hope gentlemen will share your experiences and witness too.

TALK SHOP is a discussion forum on WE PAW Bloggers (a Facebook group page and Twitter feed) and a call for free collaborative publication. Submission date is tentatively be the end of January. If you’re willing to contribute an essay, please let me know in the comments section. Thank you.

~Author, D. Denise Dianaty a.k.a MomzillaNC