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I’m an artist, art photographer, poet and author. Much of my poetry is autobiographical. My first published work is an ebook of poetry entitled, “My Life In Poetry.” My second published work is also an ebook; it’s a short romance novelette of paranormal fiction. I am a writing activist for a just and equitable society. As a photographer, I gravitate to rural scenes of old and/or abandoned structures. I’ve always been drawn to the dichotomy of decay being overtaken by new life in the form of natural growth. I also try to capture something more quintessential in human or animal photography than just another portrait.

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I am first and foremost, a progressive Christian, committed to trying to live a Christ-like Faith. I may not always be successful, but I try to come from a perspective of compassion, humility and kindness. My early life was full of pain and heartache, yet I did more than survive: I may never be wealthy, but I am rich in love and the loyalty of my friends and the family I built for myself. I’m a devoted mother to an amazing son who’s a tech phenom with a heart of giving and compassion. I am married to the kindest, most gentle and loving husband and father for whom I could ever have hoped.

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